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1/3 of patients use tablets or mobile devices to research and/or book appointments each day

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Medical Website Design and Development

A website is the digital business card of your medical practice or facility. Not only it has all the information potential and current patients need to give you a call to make an appointment, but it’s also the hub of all the inbound marketing efforts pointing to it. In your website lives the optimized content we create, so it appears in search results pages. Search and display ads take patients and caregivers to landing pages in your website where they can learn more about you and fill out a contact form or call you. Social media posts and ads also point to your website content and pages. With such an importance, it makes sense for the website to be fast, secure, patient-friendly and to be constantly updated based on the analytics data collected from the web visitors.

Now, making a website is usually a stressfull 6-month project, often similar to having a baby: it’s so painful you don’t want to have another one for a while. Unfortunately, a website with no updates looks obsolete in a matter of months and search engines like Google reward websites that keep themselves fresh with better rankings than the competitors that are not updated as often.

Hills Marketing approach to medical web design and development is called Growth-Driven Design (GDD). We install Google Analytics, heat maps, scrolling and click recording and other data collection tools in your website and check them on an ongoing basis, making hypothesis and visitor-data-driven changes monthly. These changes are not driven by personal preference or professional experience, they are driven by the data collected from your website visitors, what they click on, how far they scroll down a page, how much do they read on a page, etc.

What’s best, Hills Marketing will link your website to your Customer Relationship software (CRM) and marketing automation platform, so you know exactly what inbound marketing initiatives are driving more traffic and conversions and how does that translate to actual patients and ROI. We like and recommend HubSpot and they have a free version that you could start with.

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