About Maria Baradell

Maria Baradell is an inbound marketing professional with almost a decade of experience. As President of Hills Marketing, Maria helps healthcare facilities and medical offices improve their online reputation and attract and retain more patients with a complete inbound marketing system that includes web design, content, social media, search marketing and PR.

Tools and Tips for Healthcare Marketing Success

  The best healthcare marketing agency is the one that can offer its clients with strategic guidance, executional support, and ongoing maintenance, monitoring and optimization to ensure the best results. Healthcare marketers cannot excel at their jobs without relying on the amazing software available on the market. These tools help us better understand the patients [...]

How can medical offices and healthcare facilities improve their conversion rate?

  Attracting potential patients is a breeze with inbound marketing initiatives like social media, online advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, blogging and more. What is not as easy is converting those website visitors into actual patients. Actually, according to Unbounce's Conversion Benchmark Report 2017, average conversion rates oscillate between 2.6 and 6% across all industries. [...]

What is Inbound Marketing?

  In Short: Inbound Marketing is a way to attract patients at the right time, in the right channels, with the right message, so the information is helpful to them and not interruptive.  Gone are the days of outbound marketing and all those tactics that were not requested nor well received by potential patients like cold calling [...]

What is Growth-Driven Web Design?

  In Short: Growth-Driven Web Design is an approach to website design and development that studies web visitors data to optimize the user experience and the conversion rates. Patients are more and more searching online for the best healthcare providers and for answers to their health issues, and you want them to find you. A website [...]

Analyze! Inbound Marketing Series – Part 3

  It's time for the last part of my Inbound Marketing Series. I know sad face, but rejoice! I will be doing more of these series to get you all the insight Inbound Marketing has to offer to growing business like yours. Give yourself a round of applause: you got some traffic to your website and [...]

Convert! Inbound Marketing Series – Part 2

  After you have attracted visitors to your website, then what? How do you turn casual web visitors into leads (and hopefully customers)? The exact plan will be slightly different from one website to another, but here is one example of how a website can turn browsers into leads. Develop a Lead Magnet A lead [...]

Get Found! Inbound Marketing Series – Part 1

  Attracting visitors to your site is a good thing. However, to achieve success and grow your business, you need to convert those visitors into leads, so you can make the sale and create passionate customers.  One of the most effective and affordable methods of doing this is with inbound marketing. What is Inbound Marketing? While there are [...]

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