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Medical Digital Marketing

Hills Marketing helps doctors and medical facilities attract patients with a complete inbound marketing system that includes web design, content, social media, email, search engine optimization, online advertising and reputation management. Founded in 2012 by Maria Baradell, a bilingual marketing professional, Hills Marketing is committed to help healthcare clients get qualified patients through online efforts.

Healthcare Specialization

What started with our first client back in 2012, a drug and alcohol rehab center for teenagers, quickly became our passion and it was clear to us that we had found our purpose. Digital marketing for the healthcare industry makes sense:

  • Patients and caregivers are desperately searching online for answers to their symptoms and health issues. They are willing to fill out a form or give you a call right away if they feel understood and in good hands.

  • Since they want a solution to their issues quickly, patients’ buying journey is incredibly short, so the return of investment of our marketing efforts can be seeing almost immediately.

Digital Experience

When you hire Hills Marketing you can rest assured knowing that you left your business in the hands of professionals. Not only “we have been there, we have done that”, but also get annual certifications to keep us ahead of the curve of digital trends. From lead generation, email marketing, landing page design, search engine optimization and customer relationship management, to web analytics, and social media management, we got you covered.

  • Google Analytics Certified

  • Google AdWords Certified

  • Inbound Marketing Certified

  • Inbound Sales Certified

  • Social Media Management Certified

  • HubSpot Certified


Thinking about hiring a graphic designer, a web developer, a social media manager, a writer, a SEO expert and a PPC guru? That sounds like a lot of money and managing them all can be very time-consuming. Keeping everyone in the same page in terms of strategy and branding cannot be easy.

Shake hands with us and let us take care of all your medical marketing needs. I’ve put together an excellent team of results-driven people you can afford and we want to work for you.


These are the pillars of Hills Marketing, what keeps us standing and what guides everything we do.


Clients and our team members should set SMART goals and do everything in our power to meet these goals within deadline and within budget.


Clients and our team members should plan and stick to the roadmap to success and make data-driven recommendations and decisions.


Like our clients, we strive to do things right the first time, following the highest standards that we have set for ourselves and everything we do.

One in 20

Google searches are for health-related information

One in three

American adults have gone online to figure out a medical condition

72% of Internet users

say they looked online for health information within the past year

41% of social media users

say social media does influence their healthcare decisions



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